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A Nation is only as strong as its wealth, not the wealth of a few but of the many. When a nation has all it's financial wealth held by a very few, a Nation stagnates as class envy creeps in to create jealousy, hostility & a belief that somebody else should pay the freight for America.

A strong economy is vital to national security. It is the engine that propels a society to great good. It is the means for many to be charitable & helpful to others. However, charity must start at home. Every family must first be secure before it can help others in a larger way.

This is not to say that one must be wealthy, but they must have the ability to sustain their needs. This is accomplished by saving, & investing. The stronger our markets are the stronger our country becomes. We should be about the creation of jobs & prosperity at home, before we seek to cure the worlds' economic woes or develop commerce in other nations.

All people should be encouraged to put 10% of their gross income into long term savings. This over time becomes the strength to endure life's challenges. Then, they should give 10% towards worthy causes. This generosity helps to give all hope in their journey of life. It builds the spirit that is America. This is not speaking to welfare states & handouts, But of assisting those who are working to build a better life. For those that are in the struggle, not those that have simply given up or have laid down to die. The indolent should not be endulged. We need to re-ignite the work ethic that the founders shared.

If we allow things like the Fair Tax & other draconian measures to become law, we effectively eliminate the middle class, we create a feudal system of lords & serfs, one of haves & have nots. Is that the dream America? Not in my mind.

We develop a stronger economy when we all invest in American companies. I say that we should do that at the expense of personal profits. Better to make less profit, but sustain a nation, than personally profit & lose one's sovereignty in the name of money.

Today, there are far too many laws to restrict & prohibit economic growth. We tax the doers of the work & risk in a sense penalizing them for being successful. Is that really fair?

No it is not, but neither is a national sales tax or consumption tax. Rather the solution to economic prosperity & truly fair taxation is found in a true flat tax, one without deductions, prebates, set asides & exemptions. Now all Americans are equally yoked to the cost of freedom. Each citizen contributing according to his station & fairly according to his income. This makes all Citizens responsible. Those that have become wealthy are not penalized for success. While the dollar amount might be larger, they still have 90% of their wealth to do with as they please.

While the working poor & others pay less in dollars they still are paying their fair share. The widow's mite comes to mind. They are not robbed of the valuable self esteem that being an active participant in the economy provides. Each citizen, pays the same percentage of their wealth towards sustaining & building a strong & vibrant economy which yields a strong Nation.

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