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 Welcome Patriots! 

The Mission of a Patriot.

Defend the United States of America from all threats foreign & domestic.  This means supporting the postion that our military should be the strongest & best equipped that it can be possibly be.  We must also have the will to fight, & to make the ultimate sacrifice for something greater than ourselves.

Strengthen our economy by seeking to buy American goods & to only employ Americans & others with Legal right to be within our borders under the law.  Invest in American Companies that are committed to increasing jobs & industry at home.

Strengthen families & family values.  History has shown that it doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes PARENTS.  Families are under attack in very pernicous ways.  Morality is not a boundary, it is NOT a rope to be pushed out of the way when ever it is not convienent.  History has shown clearly the cause for the fall of every great civilization to inhabit the earth.  That cause is MORAL DECAY.  Today we have to teach college students what ETHICS are.  Is it any wonder we have Enron & other fiscal piracy in business?  For far too long we have adopted the attitude that winning is all that matters, that cheating & stealing are really only wrong if you get caught.  This must be fought against by every person that considers themselves a patriot to this great nation conceived in liberty.

We must see that Virtue, Honor, Integrity & Morality  are reignited back into the hearts & souls of America's people.  For only if they are a virtuous people will they survive.

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