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English as Our Offical Language

One of the galvanizing resources of a nation is a common language in this nation. That language is English. When the people of the land do not share a common language. There is not a forged bond of unity. There is a struggle of separatism. There's a creation of division of misunderstanding and distrust. It has been well-documented that the success of the early immigrants from Western Europe succeeded in the United States only as they sought to assimilate and to learn English. Many parents forbid their native language from being spoken in their homes so that their children would learn English and feel the need to be an American, this was their deepest and most fervent desire that their children would have a better life than they did that their children would grow up to be Americans and be a part of the great dream that is the United States of America.

Today, however, many people do not wish to assimilate into the United States. They merely wish to work here, they simply wish to create pockets of their own country essentially a subculture a sub country within a country. Allowing this action to occur, crates and divisions within our country. That should not and cannot be allowed to exist. The failure to learn English places those coming to this country as significant disadvantage.they are handicapped educationally, and in employment opportunities. What parent would willfully handicapped their own child for the sake of maintenance of a language that cannot help them to assimilate and to prosper in the United States.

When we attempt this effort at multiculturalism, causing street signs, roadsigns, & business signs to be in a plethora of languages, increase costs are borne both upon business and government. The simple costs of running an election is significantly increased by the need to provide voting manuals pamphlets and ballots in a plethora of languages. Given that in the world there are literally thousands of languages, do we provide governmental forms in every possible language available on the planet Earth? Or do we rightfully discern and decide upon one language to be the language of the United States of America? For many, this decision is ordered and reached, the language of the United States is English. Those who wish to succeed upon her shores can and must be required to speak English. It makes no sense for those who speak English to be required to press one for English, to learn other languages to communicate with citizens within their own country. We are seeing the results of this multilanguage multicultural idealism in our northern neighbor of Canada. Now, many generations after they adopted this multilanguage multicultural identity. They find themselves in the battle of separatism, the French wish to be French Canadians were the English speaking Canadians wish to be Canadians. Now there's a great crisis thrust upon Canada, one that could have been simply solved by declaring a national language long ago.

For the United States of America has long been declared that English would be the official language of the United States, unfortunately. It was not done so through the adoption of laws and policy but rather through common sense of the citizens of the country. Unfortunately, our country, our sovereignty and our heritage is under attack, those that see America as a shining city on a hill those that see and think that English is the best language for Americans to speak. Need to contact their politicians they need to contact their congressmen and senators they need to write to the president. They need to encourage them to adopt English, formally and legally as the official language of the United States of America. They need to further make English the only language upon which government forms, ballots and other aspects of instruction are provided. every person that calls himself a patriot needs to be exercised in seeing that their local council meetings are in English that their local government seeks only English as the language for street signs road signs and other mediums of communication within the citizenship of this country.

Without English as a core unifying language. Our country will continue down the multiculturalism, hyphenated American, continuing to fracture into smaller and smaller subgroups, until the America of today can no longer even be recognized.

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