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A Strong Military

One of the main pillars of a strong nation is a strong military. One cannot maintain sovereignty by buying allies. One cannot buy safety from terrorist or terror states. Safety comes only with the might to defend oneself against all acts of aggression.

Our Military for centuries has defended this nation. George Washington knew the need for a strong military. After having just defeated the British, a young nation sought to develop commerce with her trading partners across the Atlantic. There was only one problem. The ships of the US commerce were hijacked & attacked by pirates. Pirates often hired & paid by England. They knew that if they could disrupt the commerce of a nation, it would not be long before it would implode from internal strife from lack of currency in circulation.

To that end, Washington pled with the continental congress to build a Navy to protect American trade ships. The USS Constitution was the result of that. The most storied naval vessel of the early nation. You can read more about the history of this noble ship at USS Constitution.com

Today, our troops are charged with defending the United States against all enemies foreign & domestic. We have the best & most courageous soldiers, sailors & Airmen the world has ever known. Yet the folks back home are completely disconnected from the fight. The congress holds our servicemen hostage while posturing on policy.

A strong military is the key to suppression of terrorism. It is the backbone of American diplomacy. Talk is cheap unless it is backed up with the might to defend one's ideals. Our troops need to have the support that we offered to the troops in WWII. They need to know that we not only support them, but the cause they are engaged in. It is disingenuous to say that one supports the troops, yet opposes the very actions of our troops. It sends the message to our enemies that victory can come off the battlefield by simply wearing down the will of the American people. The question launched is where is the will of the American people? Where is the commitment to victory? Have we truly become that shallow?

In WWII we lost more men on Omaha beach in a single day, than have been lost in years of battle in Iraq & Afghanistan, yet many unengaged are weary of the fight. Giving freedom to a nation of millions yearning to be free is a worthy objective. Our military needs to know that we stand behind them & their mission. That we will be there with them for as long as it takes.

A strong military is the cornerstone of a free people.

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