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"No other success can compensate for failure in the home" - David O. McKay.

When our material & career successes are more important than the lives of our children we have started the slide into losing our way as a nation. Children need parents, not older friends. Today we see declining social values & that the American family is under attack from every corner.

Today kids see their Nintendo more than they see their parents. Does anyone else see how this loss of social structure affects our future? Children need to grow up with chores, & jobs to do as a part of the family, not because the family needs to save money hiring it done from outside companies, but because children NEED to learn at an early age the value of work. They need to learn the value & esteem generated from a job well done. Parents make a critical mistake when they pay their children for tasks around the home. Later, allowances can be used to help them learn to manage money & how to budget & save for things that they want. But when the trade is a $400 video gaming system in exchange for keeping their room clean. We are creating a false expectation of getting compensated for tasks that are expected as a part of a family.

Families are under assault by media influences that are portraying poor behavior as acceptable by making it some how funny. But elevating crudity to humor. Families need more stability that comes from having two parents in the home when ever possible. By having discipline in the home, work to be done & excellence in school is required, not simply hoped for. This means that parents need schools to get out of teaching values, instead respecting the rights of parents to teach, train & discipline their kids.

Today, Kids have the idea that if their parents ever swatted their behind for disobedience or ground them or anything they felt they didn't want, they threaten to call CPS. (Child Protective Services)! Today children are allowed to disrespect adults with little if any repercussions. Families need strengthening. Traditional values need to be supported, not scorned. Families need to teach children that one gets things that they desire by work & thrift, not by demands, or tantrums. If families are not strengthened, our entire society will collapse as we turn the most important work that a man & woman can do. Raise good & decent children to adulthood, with a sense of values, integrity, honesty & a work ethic. When we create virtuous children, we create a truly free society. This is one of the most succinct statements of the importance of strong families.

"No other success can compensate for failure in the home" - David O. McKay.

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