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Porn is rapidly showing itself as one of the greatest social ills of our day. It is a creeping poison being injected into every aspect of our lives. Porn has started to be mainstreamed into our culture, yet at it's simpliest form removes the respect that one element of society is entitled to from another.

Literally every serial killer in prison today confesses to the effects of porn on them & how their sexual lust eventually turned sadistic, then horribly violent. Porn glorifies bondage, pain & objectification of others in one's own quest for self satisfaction. Gone is making love, now it's just cold, hard, self serving interests. Interests for which one will lie, cheat & steal to satisfy their lust. A lust that soon turns into a blood lust. To understand clearly the detrimental effects of lustful self absorbed behaviour, we only have to look to the past. Look to all the great civilizations that have fallen.

EVERY one of them, became obsessed with sexual self gratification. The decline of moral values in search of the ultimate sexual experience led Romans to incest, just so that they could be assured that their children's first sexual experience would be it's physical best! When the family breaks down, society breaks down. When men involve themselves in porn, it is to the decline, & disrespect of their spouse. They begin to see their spouse as simply another object to be used & controlled for their own selfish desires.

The mainstreaming of sexual imagery dulls the sensitivity of those who come under it's influence. Children start to be come more curious, & spiritually numb to the point that concepts of good & evil become shades of grey. Moral turpitude is replaced by moral relativism. Bad is only bad if you get caught, or if you get pregnant, or you get an STD. But then even there, society steps in to provide the cure, a cure that is more objectifying & horrible, ABORTION.

Statistics show that language is one of the first things to go when exposed to porn. People start to refer to others in objectifying terms. We all know them, there is no need to repeat them here. The broader implication of this is seen in the media where there are increasingly little or no boundaries to what one can say without consequence.

The progressive Hip-Hop culture is unfortunately a causal force in the promotion of porn, objectification of women, & glorification of alcohol & violence. Children & young people see these images over, & over & over every day on MTV. Hip-Hop videos have done more to pollute our society & culture than any single other force outside of the porn industry itself. MTV has moved from purely music, to "reality programs". Programs that are not real at all, but instead are vehicles for promotion of debasing behaviour. Often the participants in these shows are encouraged to consume mass quantities of alcohol & to act out in ways that are provocative & sexual in nature.

For America to be free, truly free, it must cast off the chains of oppression that porn shackles to the hearts & souls of its captives. As porn's availability & popularity has risen, so have sexual assaults, molestations, & domestic violence & murder. Simply stated Porn MUST be eradicated. Now I am not talking about abridgement of free speech, but rather the elimination in the hearts of men to desire such filth. Where there is no demand, there is no profit. Where decent people refuse to have it in their shops or stores just because it sells. Our hearts & minds must be pure, & love of our fellow citizens & respect thereof supreme. Elimination of Porn from our society is a key element of returning America to the ideal & foundations our founding fathers established, that all people might live free for if a Nation or a people shall choose evil continually, it is doomed to fail. Benjimin Franklin stated "Only a virtuous people deserve to be free".

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