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The Biased Media

The media today no longer reports in its the colors and his often. It creates a news. It takes a story places its own spin for promotion of its own ideals and its own objectives. This is not known as journalism, that's why few actually refer to themselves as journalists any longer. Most establish some sort of "media" status. You'll find very few references any longer to journalistic integrity, and they think it perfectly credible to tell the story from their point of view. A line from an old 60s television show Dragnet used to be "just the facts ma'am". If only journalists today would give us just the facts, allowing us to interpret for ourselves, what those facts mean we would be a lot better off with that than with some talking head explaining to us what's going on And what we should think about it. when the media or journalists undertake to explain and poor to opine upon a subject, they are in a sense, giving you their view, which may be colored by their own personal politics or their own agenda. Is this the kind of journalism or news we seek? Do we seek to be told what to think, how to think, why to think? Or do we want the facts, cold clear and unadulterated, allowing us to use our own mind and our own brain to determine what we think, how we feel about a particular issue.

The far left has continuously engaged in media manipulation. This is most easily done because so many members of the media subscribe to the far left agenda. They ascribe to the idea that someone else has to pick up the bills, that nobody's responsible for their own actions, unless they're a conservative. They further showed no limitation upon what lies and slander they will portray in the sake of pushing forward their agenda.

The recent attacks on an honored American soldier General David Petraeus, calling him general betray us simply because they don't agree with his conclusions on the war in Iraq and the resulting surge of US involvement. Hillary Clinton, stated, one would have to suspend disbelief in order to accept the generals report, in other words, in nice, proper political speak, she called him a liar!

Hillary Clinton would like everyone to think that she is the voice of change and the voice of moderation, nothing could be farther from the truth. She is as extreme interviews as one can be without being a confessed socialist. Everything she seeks to purport reeks of socialism. This is why she would not condemn the heinous acts of people it would condemn and slander an American patriot.

The media plays in bends, the political process to its own ends. An example of this is the purported rush of support for Fred Thompson, a Republican senator, who is best known for his role on law and order, now there is the qualifications to be president! in his tenure as a US Senator, he is best described as the lazy man's Senator. One cannot point to anything specific that he is achieved during his term as a senator. He comes to the campaign late and still wishes to be president. Yet he can find the time to get into the campaigning. When the rest of the candidates did. One has to ask how he could rise so quickly if it were not for the media seeking to make him rise, to better the chances of the Democratic challenger. The person supporting the liberal agenda, the weaker they can make the Republican candidates, the better the liberal agendas opportunity for victory becomes. While Rudy Giuliani is far from the best candidate for president, he is miles ahead of Fred Thompson.

The real candidate that is being suppressed through this effort is the candidate of change, is the candidate of leadership,is the candidate that can effectively win the war in Iraq revitalize our sagging economy and bring back strong families and balanced government to the United States. That candidate is Mitt Romney. the bias of the media is shown clear in this presidential discussion and analysis so early in the campaigning. All of a sudden. One's religion becomes a significant factoid to give about candidates. Since when? I don't recall being told what Al Gore or John Kerry's religious affiliations were. Why now? One would ask why that is, is it perhaps because Mitt Romney is a Mormon? Why is it all of a sudden significant to know that John McCain is Episcopalian? Or that Rudy Giuliani is a Catholic? These recent rash of religious identifiers have been placed there to justify the continually pointed efforts of the media to focus on Romney's Mormonism. If they can make it seem that they are unbiased when in fact, they are biased, they effectively cover their tracks of raising Romney's religion into the specter of the political discussion, where it has no place.

This is ground that should have long been covered during the Kennedy campaign of the 60s. We should focus our thoughts and efforts upon a candidates character, his track record of achievement and accomplishment, his track record of leadership in hard and difficult times, not what church he worships at.

If the biased media that is allowed to go unchecked, we will come to live, what has been portrayed in science fiction movies, that of a society run by a small group of people. By manipulating the media to make the people think and feel what they wish them to think and feel. Instead of what their hearts and their minds, tell them is true. we must turn the tide against the media bias that exists against families, against law, and against our sovereignty. the media is the willing con of the far left, progressive Socialist. For America to remain free, the media must needs be impartial, giving us just the facts ma'am. Whenever and wherever you find signs of bias media called to the attention of everyone you know, reveal it and expose it for what it is, only then can we ever hope of getting to a place where the news really is just the news.

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