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Exporting Our Future

Every year more and more jobs leave the United States from Mexico, Canada, Asia and more particularly now, China. Many stand idly by while jobs are lost. Plants are close and real manufacturing capability leaves our country for distant lands. We are happy to wrap ourselves in the flag of thinking we are smarter than the world and all of those people have just gone on to bigger and better careers. We are told by the government that unemployment is down, and the job creation is up. while that is true from a certain perspective. We are creating more jobs and unemployment is down, but let's look at that more closely. Every year we are creating more jobs, unfortunately, these jobs are in the low-paying service industry. can you say McDonald's, fast food and carwash jobs?

The low-paying service sector is the fastest-growing segment of the employment market. Are these jobs that will sustain a family? Are these jobs that will provide a retirement? The answer is resoundingly no. While the jobs lost are good paying manufacturing jobs, transportation jobs, and now even jobs in the white collar technology workplace. Why would you hire an American programmer for $60 an hour. When you can hire one in Pakistan with a Ph.D. for $10 an hour? That just makes good sense doesn't it? The truth is support of America and our economy will come with a sacrifice. It will come by being willing to pay more for goods and services so that we maintain an American workforce competently trained, earning a sufficient income to pay taxes, to support schools and to raise children and build strong families.

Recently the Bush administration and now the Obama whitehouse has been pushing forward aspects of the NAFTA treaty, to allow Mexican trucking companies to haul goods into America. The net result of this will be the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs. This will come as a result of shipping that now comes to American ports, will be rerouted to Mexican ports, where the ship shall be unloaded by low-paying Mexican labor, loaded onto the trucks driven by lower paid Mexican truck drivers and brought across the border into our country with the first US customs stop being in Kansas City, Missouri! There will be no monitoring or controls upon goods coming into our country. It is purported that they will use RF ID technology, you might be familiar with this as your "speed pass" or your electronic wave it past the terminal visa card. The frightening consideration of all of this is the company that the Government intends to put in charge of administering our port security is a Chinese Nationalist company! Imagine thousands of trucks coming into America, with no US intervention whatsoever, getting as far as the absolute center of the heartland of America before any kind of US customs!

20 years ago, Ross Perot, when running for president ran on a platform opposing NAFTA. He said what NAFTA represented would be the great sucking sound of jobs and prosperity leaving this country. Mr. Perot could not have been more right. The reason that all of this comes about, is greed, greed on the part of big business, greed on the part of politicians, and greed on the part of the consumer who wishes to pay the very least, and obtain the very best. Americans have become drunk into a cheap goods coma. As a nation, we seem ambivalent about the catastrophic loss of manufacturing technology and capability within our country, perhaps because it doesn't affect our individual jobs? Consider this, we won World War II on the strength of the US industrial complex. simply put, we built more tanks, more planes, more guns, more everything faster than our opponents could.

Wars are won by supply, rarely by posturing politicians. It was that manufacturing depth that allowed America to be victorious. Today many of our parts and supplies for the United States military are actually manufactured in foreign countries. Imagine getting into a conflict and needing replacement parts for airplanes or tanks, only to find that the nation, who now manufactures our spare parts disagrees with our political objectives for being in the conflict. And they tell us they will not sell us parts, parts to our own strategic defense. What will our choices be then? Will we all of a sudden realize that being a nation of goods producing people is more important than software, is more important than technology, is more important than stock appreciation? One would ask, will it be too late then will we have lost the skills essential to building and operating factories? Not everyone is destined to be a college graduate. For some their best interest and best hopes are found in working as a craftsman, in working with their hands, in making things, things that Americans want and need.

Today, it's not only manufacturing jobs that have left, it now extends into the realm of what we believed to be the secure jobs, those rooted in technology. Well, the Internet has changed all of that, now technology and scientific brainpower is purchased on a global market, unfortunately it is not purchased at a price point of its value in the marketplace, but rather as a commodity to be purchased for the lowest price available. This leads America to becoming a nation of consumption, instead of one of production. We consume more than we produce, this leads to another large problems, imbalance of trade, reliance on foreign investment yielding other nations holding the mortgage on America.

We must return to being a nation rooted in building and manufacturing goods. It is the only way our economy can be viable and stable over the long term. So the next time you buy that $30 DVD player, just pause to wonder how many people are unemployed in America to give you that privilege. The next question should be how long will it be until your job or your career is displaced overseas, and you become one of the unemployed. So someone else can buy something else, for less. the wholesale exportation of America's manufacturing base will be the demise of our country. It has already happened to one of the world's automakers. The top three, used to call America home, now there is'nt an American company in the top three. What does that say about America? What does that say about our future, when once stated American-made meant everything, but now is so rarely found? Tell Congress, we want America back. We want jobs left in this country, good paying manufacturing jobs, not service sector jobs selling fries and cokes! Show your support of this by seeking to buy American goods wherever possible, by avoiding stores who support poverty wages and support wholesaling American jobs offshore. Buy American, our future depends on it.

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