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Islamic Fascism
Many in the world think that islamic fascists are just misunderstood peace loving people, they need to look to their websites, look to the messages that they carry. They are NOT benign, they are not peaceful. They represent a cancer on the fabric of peaceful societies that give freedom to all mankind within the bounds of the laws of this great land. "Those that do not learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them".
We need to wake up America & realize the substantial threat to humanity that Islamic Fascism represents.

Here are some examples from a recent "religious peace rally" in London, England.

Really peaceful ideals expressed, don't you think?

Seems like it is all love & brotherhood.

General Norman Swartzkopf said it best after the end of the first gulf war. He knew then that we needed to go on to Baghdad & eliminate Saddam & the threat of islamic Jihadists. He knew back then that we needed to bring an end to Islamic fundamentalists. The goal of Islamic fundamentalists is to overthrow the governments of the world & in their place install theocratic government. If you don't know what that is, just look to IRAN or the Taliban.

They seek to replace the collective governments elected "of the people" & in it's place substitute Sharia law, where clerics would determine right & wrong. Is that what you want for America? Unless this Fascism is stopped, just as Nazism was stopped, that is exactly the future that awaits.

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