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Ironies of Those in Opposition to the Bill of Rights.

The Press
   One of the standardbearers in the fight against the Bill of Rights is the American press. This industry enjoys a freedom to speak out unheard of in even the most "enlightened" countries. Why  do they believe that the freedom of the press they benefit from will be safe from tampering if they are successful in their effort to weaken the second amendment? Tyrants fear the truth almost as much as they fear an armed citizenry. Once the would be rulers of America disarm the people, they certainly will have no reason to let the press speak out against them.
   American labor union leaders traditionally align themselves and their powerbase with those who oppose personal freedom. They aparently missed the events of the late twentieth century when Polish and Russian labor leaders had to resist armed military units to gain freedom from oppression they had endured for most of that century. Those freedoms are the very ones we are guaranteed by our Bill of Rights.
    Educators look to Federal government to solve educational problems. They should consider the record during the last 50 years, as more and more "funding" was acguired from the national government, Theirs is a legacy of less education and more  intrusion and dictation of curriculum in the classroom. During this time the government education system has become increasingly hostile to American ideals. Curriculum dictated by government serves to further the political strength of those in power. Certainly educators are aware this would  accelerate if the government arrests control of childrearing from parents. This is the ultimate tool the left plans to use to complete their assault on the Bill of Rights. It will be much easier to control the minds of future citizens who learn the "correct speak" in government schools, Perhaps the Department of Education should be renamed the Ministry of Propaganda. Sound familiar?

"Do we really think that a government-dominated education is going to produce citizens capable of dominating their government, as the education of a truly vigilant self-governing people requires?"- (ALAN KEYES)

 The American Bar Association
    This organization is one of the leaders in the drive to revise the second amendment right to bare arms. They should consider that one of the rights they have used to defent many clients, freedom from illegal search and siezure, is itself being denegrated in the name of the war on drugs. This should be a warning that all these rights come as a set and those who wish to change "just one" are opening a breach which they cannot close. Once one has been successfully changed then the others are fair game for the social engineers.  

The American Jewish Leadership
     The Jewish community should be appalled at their leaders for supporting gun control legislation. They have a history as an unarmed and unpopular minority facing a tyranical government bent on social engineering.  The European Jews were disarmed before Hitlers storm troopers came for them. And had the British been successful in their attempt to disarm the Jews in palestine  in 1946 then Isreal would still be just a promise.
Law Enforcement
    An already overburdened criminal justice system calling for citizens to give up the ability to defend themselves from criminal attack is tantamount to turning the streets over to the criminal element. Police admit that they cannot and are not required to protect the individual citizen from crime. If all private citizens are known to be unarmed then what would deter criminals from preying on anyone they wished without fear of danger to themselves? The answer is obviously nothing. The number of crimes thwarted by legal gun owners each year, while unreported by the media or law enforcement, is extremely high. Do the police really want to include these incidents in crime statistics in the future? Add to this the millions of new criminals, those who believe in the sanctity of the Bill of Rights and would refuse to turn in their arms, and the future of law enforcement would really look bleak.
Parents Groups

  In the future proposed be opponents of the Bill of Rights it will "take a village" to raise a child. This is socialist jargin for government intrusion into family life and childrearing. Foes of individual freedom use fear of guns to extort the help of parents from whom they intend to subvert parental rights. Certainly the death of any child from any cause is an unmeasurable tradgedy. Those killed by illegal or improper gun use are among the most tragic. But, for a people to give up the basic right of self defense in the belief that these tradgedys will end demonstrates a total misunderstanding of the issues involved. The actions of adults cause these tradgedies to occur. These adults must be held accountable. In every child shooting an existing law has been brocken. Most result from the direct comission of a crime.(usually criminal  on criminal) Others result from gun thefts by individuals bent on doing harm. Still others are due to criminal negligence by a gun owner.   Parents should be calling for the enforcement of existing laws and the prosecution of those who make guns easily accessable  to children.  Firearms  in  the  posession  of responsible,  law  abiding  citizens  are  not  harmful  to  law  abiding  children,  Destruction  of  the     Bill of Rights is.  The Bill of Rights is not the bill of privaliges. To treat any of them as privaliges given by, and subordinate to government is opening a Pandoras Box of abuses by that government. Once these rights are lost, the only way to regain them would be revolution. If we disarm, who will be in a position to revolt? This, I believe, is the real issue.
The Silent Majority
This is the most dangerous group because they are the ones making the whole assault on the bill of rights possible. Their failure to vote or speak out leaves others with the impression that the movement is more popular than, in truth, it is. A vocal minority being echoed by the popular press is leading the U.S. into an American armeggedon because a majority believe that the issue does not effect them. After all, many don't own guns, or speak out politically or get arrested. If this assault on the Bill of Rights is successful, then they won't need to worry about the first two rights. However, they better hope they don't run afoul of their new rulers. Then they will definitely miss the Fourth Amendment.

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