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The problem with illegal immigration is it's a circular argument. Most people understand that the United States cannot sustain an unlimited number of immigrants forever. This is evidenced by the fact that the federal government itself has placed limits on immigration. It's the only way they stabilized society and a stabilized economy can be maintained, an infinite supply of ever achieving labor while reducing costs. Eventually produces a pool of consumers, that doesn't have the wherewithal to buy the very good state create.

So the issue comes with who should win? American citizens or foreign nationals? Should we import a workforce, while more than 10% of working working age Americans are unemployed? It seems unreasonable to me to import labor, while having a large population center, unemployed. Illegal immigration impacts America's poor more than any other sector of our society. It is those Americans who are harmed most by illegal immigration, because they are the ones competing for the lower wage. Lower skill level jobs with people who are unlawfully in the United States. Does that seem fair to anyone? It sure doesn't to me.

Rather than helping large corporations, increase profits at the expense of American citizens, should we be controlling our borders and controlling the number of foreign nationals allowed to work in the United States, thereby incentivizing employers to hire Americans, as well as to preferentially punish those who seek to hire undocumented workers at the expense of American citizens, who now not only don't have a job opportunity. But when they do begin planning have to subsidize through social benefit programs, the very people that took their job opportunity in the first place.

many would have you believe that the current legislation in the state of Arizona. SP 1070 is some sort of racist white supremacists legislation in an effort to suppress people of color and Hispanics in particular. Nothing could be further from the truth. All one has to do is actually read the legislation, which I've linked it here for everyone to read so you can read with your own eyes. The actual bill, and you can see for yourself third know racial profiling elements in it at all. Rather, it simply protects the American citizens residing in the state of Arizona against unfair and illegal employment practices perpetrated by people who have come into this country illegally, and by the employers who turn a blind eye for the sake of profits.

READ SB1070 see if you can identify anything in the mere 17 pages that illustrates or demonstrates racial profiling, you can't -- just the liberal media's bias and the progressive's efforts to demonize American citizens fighting for their right to protect their homes to protect their economy and to protect their state. Illegal immigration is currently bankrupting the state of Arizona the costs for supporting illegal immigration via free healthcare. Free food stamps, other social service programs, far outweigh any economic contribution to the society.

Now, layer on top of that. The Mexican drug cartels, which are utilizing this corridor as the vehicle to shuttle narcotics into the United States unlawfully, people armed with fully automatic weapons, people that have been trained by the Mexican military. Their special forces and have been purchased off by the drug cartels, our enforcement people on the other hand. Go out at night with a service revolver to enforce the border of the United States faced against an army with automatic weapons. Does that look like a fair fight to you? It doesn't to me.

To have a correct understanding, you have to look at this really by the numbers, on average, 1000 people across the southern border of the United States into the state of Arizona. Each and every day. That's over 365,000 illegal immigrants every year.

During the 80s, we gave amnesty to roughly 2.1 million illegal aliens at that time with the understanding that we would secure the border and the fines would be heavy. Upwards of $100,000 to people knowingly hiring illegal aliens, we all know how that worked out 2 million got amnesty. Few if any fines were ever levied in the border is more porous than it's ever been.

Click this link for more thoughts on immigration. Examine the facts presented by the numbers.

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