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The Abuse of Eminent Domain

The problem with eminent domain in the domain represents the intrusion of the government and the life of the private citizen, ergo taking their property under the premise that it's for the common good of the society. For most of our lives this meant roadways, bridges, electrical projects, other things which really work for the common good of the society. Today however, the common good has been deemed to be building another MEGA-Mart, building high-rise condominiums or even in one case seeking to build a large freeway from one nation across another to get to a third nation seizing all land in it's path by eminent domain anyone who will not liquidate their property for pennies on the dollar.

One only has to look to recent history to see the results of eminent domain actions. Once it's understood that a MEGA-Mart is to be located in a neighborhood property values plummet. We believe that these leaks are not unintentional, but rather deliberate. Its done so such that the commerce activities of major corporations can be benefited by the corresponding drop in property values. Much better to buy homes for a third of the price than for the full market value they held before the announcement of a MEGA-Mart being built.

Politicians today feel that any commerce activity suffices. If they can be remotely construed as increased tax revenues it instantly becomes reasonable to assert the statute of eminent domain. Taking upon itself the right to legally steal the property of another. One of the great freedoms or rights guaranteed under the founding of this nation was the right to free ownership of property. Property that the government could not, and should not take from you. The concepts of ancestral homes is a principle the runs deep inside the United States of America and its people. People believe that when they purchase a home. It will be the place that will nurture their family, it will be the place where memories and children will be raised in the values that are America.

No such guarantee is offered in America anymore, for if the local mega-mart wants to expand into your neighborhood, your home will be sacrificed for the good of commerce, even though the city plans have unused acreages for just such commerce. No longer can you feel free, nor secure in your home from a Builder who has a better use for your property than you living in it. They will petition your local government to seize your property and sell it to them under the premise of eminent domain because the property tax from a 50 story high-rise condominium is many times the property tax value of your single-family dwelling. This is all wrapped up under the premise of eminent domain for the common good, i.e. more taxes for the government to spend on wasteful programs. While you lose your home, your family is disrupted, and your life is forced into starting over.

Is this really what America is about? Is this really how we wish to live? Is this the society we wish to turn over to our children, to our grandchildren? I do not think so. We believe that the rights of free ownership of property are some of the most fundamental, bedrock rights of Americans, and as such they should not be abridged, nor consumed upon the altar of increased corporate profits. It is paramount that patriots throughout this land, rise up and oppose the actions of their government's needless use of eminent domain to steal the property of another. Yes there will be times when properties will need to be sacrificed for the common good, but they should be rare and should be reserved only for situations that cannot be rectified in any other fashion. Americans must feel secure to own and live in the homes they buy or to be able to sell them at fair market values, not values manipulated by governments for big corporations for their own selfish interests. Eminent Domain is something that must come under citizenry review, not government review.

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